Comments on the struggle for access to higher education by Tiego Moseneke

7th July 2022


SASSFE was born at Wits. SASSFE was an act of solidarity by the Freedom in our Lifetime generation with the Fees Must Fall generation.

Magnificent gains have been won in the struggle to make higher education equitably accessible to all.
Massive challenges remain, however.

At the beginning of every academic year, a large number of students who have beaten the odds of poverty and disadvantage and gained admission to Wits, the premier university on the African continent, and all other universities in the land, have to live through the indignity of hunger, lack of accommodation, no money to register, no study materials and the albatross of unpaid fees from prior years.
A moment which ought to herald a victorious escape from the condemnation of poverty only serves to remind these students that they remain an underclass which even academic excellence cannot free them from. We cannot, in good conscience allow this.

SASSFE thus calls on all South Africans who have had the benefit of a publicly funded higher education system to contribute regularly and reliably to SASSFE so we can eradicate this blight on our higher education system.

SASSFE is also working furiously in the policy space to sponsor policy and legislation that will facilitate the mobilisation of private capital, with state credit enhancement, to plug the affordability gap of higher education at the point of use amongst the so called Missing Middle.Pension Funds of the self same missing Middle should be serving this purpose, amongst others, as opposed to just just bankrolling the selected elites.
Lastly, too many graduates of our higher education system cannot earn themselves a predictable living or be gainfully employed after completing their studies.SASSFE intends to sponsor a hard policy look at this problem and hopefully emerge with practical solutions in this regard.
So, as an act of solidarity with the young in our institutions of higher learning, be on the lookout for SASSFE events , participate, push and challenge and go to www, make that contribution as your act of solidarity and set yourself a target of the friends you will get to also sign up.

SASSFE will run a continuous campaign to celebrate, highlight and publicise all those who participate in this act of solidarity- something our society needs desperately.

Go to and sign up for a monthly debit order.

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