Tebogo Thotela addresses Achievers Walk

26th June 2023

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“We came together to deal with the crisis in higher education in South Africa and even small contributions can make a big difference to people’s lives,” said Tebogo Thotela as he spoke on behalf of SASSFE, at a 3km Achievers Walk hosted at the Mbolekwa Sports Complex in Atteridgeville on 24 June 2023.

The walk was organised by the Atteridgeville-based Supreme Cadets Institute that guides and inspires children and youth along various pathways of life achievement.

Thotela reminded young people that “life is not easy in the country that we live in”, but he urged those present “not to give up on your education” and “not to fear anything… as you are powerful beyond measure”.

The walk was attended by many members of the community, as well as the mayor of Tshwane Cilliers Brink, and members of Tiego Moseneke’s family, who together with Tiego were co-founders of the Supreme Cadets Institute.

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