Tiego Moseneke Memorial to take place at Wits on 31 May 2023

21st May 2023

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The friends and comrades of Tiego Moseneke are arranging a Memorial Service in order to remember Tiego’s unique contribution and legacy.

The memorial is being hosted by the Strategic Dialogue Group (SDG), the South African Student Solidarity Foundation for Education (SASSFE), Wits University, the Wits University Student’s Representative Council (SRC), and the former Wits Black Students Society (BSS).

“Tiego was charismatic and visionary leader in the struggle for a fairer and more just world through his wide-ranging work in the student movement, in mass organisations, in politics and in business. And Tiego was a man deeply committed to his family, his friends, his comrades and his country. His charm and intelligence will never be forgotten.” the memorial organisers recall.

To RSVP:  click here 

Time and Date: 5pm on Wednesday 31 May 2023

Venue: Wits Senate Room, East Campus, Wits University

Parking: On Wits East Campus near the Planetarium (entrance via Yale Rd)

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