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SASSFE (South Africa Student Solidarity Foundation for Education) is a Fund started by a group of concerned former Wits student leaders, spanning many generations.

This forum is united in its commitment to opening the doors of learning and culture for people from all walks of life in South Africa.

After consulting with current student leaders, University Administrators and Higher Education Authorities, the forum identified the plight of poor students as a major problem.

Further education remains inaccessible to deserving, disadvantaged individuals. Higher education cannot only be accessible to those with money.

The South Africa Student Solidarity Foundation for Education (SASSFE) was thus established to raise funds from alumni in order to assist students in need.

We seek to actively improve the dire circumstances of students in need, a goal that will benefit the country as a whole.

The core of our approach is to create a mass movement among South Africans. We aim to unite people who are determined to make a consistent contribution to ensure that all South Africans who are deserving of a higher education can access it, irrespective of their socio-economic situation.

This ambition must be achieved while our Universities remain competitive internationally so that they become recognised as places of academic and research excellence. This intellectual investment will generate innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems, creating change that benefits the weakest in our society.


  • To improve access to higher education for students in need.
  • To mobilise funds from a large body of alumni in a sustainable, repetitive, dependable and engaged manner.
  • To create and grow a new cultural norm whereby individuals commit to ensuring that all people in our society who have the facility to pursue a higher education can do so.
In order to reach the above objectives, we are calling on all alumni to unite as we work to overcome the education funding crisis in South Africa. Our belief is that by standing together we can find, guide and empower the nation’s brightest young minds to ensure a better future for all.


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